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ALL Listings (Free & Paid) include Text, Address, Telephone, Email, Website, Maps (Top & Bottom), Opening Hours and All Social Media Links.

Option One

FULL Directory Listing
Free Entry
FULL Directory Listing
Up To THREE Photos (Gallery)

Option Three

All Prices are Per Year / Plus VAT
Paid Entry
FEATURED Directory Listing
Up To TWELVE Photos (Gallery)
SIX Products (Welsh Gifts)
Each Products Links to the Corresponding Page on Your Website
One of Six Advertising Partner Slots. These Appear On Most Pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Shop Listed?

A listing is absolutely FREE, I only ask that once it's complete, you post a link to it on your Facebook page so I can spread the word.

I cannot guarantee that free listings will be available forever, but once you're listed, there will be no charge if I change to paid listings only in the future.

What Do You Need?

Just email me your website address and I will take as much information from there as possible (or from any linked social media sites). You can send (or delete/change) anything after that. If you would rather send me specific photos or text, please do that. Photos need to be at least 1280 pixels wide. You can either have a photo for the header, a map location or Google Street View.

You can see what information is needed by checking out the sample listings below (Gwin Dylanwad Wine and Camlan).

A Featured Listing

Featured listings contain everything that a basic listing does, but your business becomes more visible across the site (as footers/sidebars contain featured shops only), you also have more photos and you can include items on the new “Welsh Gifts” section. A featured listing starts from £30 (+VAT) per year and you can upgrade at any time.

The best coverage is the third option which includes more photos, plus one of the “Advertising Partners” slots with your logo appearing on most pages. Your logo also links directly to your website.

Can I List My Items?

Yes. You can list from three to six items in the “Welsh Gifts” section (paid listings only).

Who Are You?

My name is Ian King (I trade as MSS Studios). I have lived in Dolgellau for the past 32 years and created my first website in 1996.

How Do I Contact You?

Email info@iank117.sg-host.com.

Do You Have Other Websites?

Yes. I also run porthmadog.wales, dolgellau.uk, coast.wales, snowdonia.info, music.wales and more.

Why Two Domain Names?

I reserved SHOP.WALES and SHOPS.WALES when they became available in 2015.

SHOP.WALES has all the information, SHOPS.WALES just points to it.

Sample Featured Listings

Items Available

A Selection of Items Available from the Shops on This Website


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